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At Northernair, we are your comprehensive HVAC solution. Our qualified technicians supply, install and maintain air conditioning, refrigeration and ventilation systems for homes and businesses throughout Nimbin—from Crofton Road to Shipway Road. Whether building, renovating or upgrading, we are your cooling system solution. Best of all, our prices are highly competitive.

Take control of the great indoors today and enjoy cool air year-round! Speak with our friendly team for a free, no-obligation quote. You can reach us on (02) 6623 0000.

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Air Conditioning Advantages

Having an air conditioning system installed in your home or business offers the following benefits:

  • It can improve air quality
  • It can help to reduce allergies & asthma symptoms
  • It can eliminate odours & pollutants from the air
  • It can help you sleep better at night
  • It can improve your overall health
  • It can help to save energy & money
  • It can extend the life of your electronics
  • It can make your home more comfortable all year long
  • It can help reduce noise pollution
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Common A/C Problems

Unsure if it’s time for a service? Keep an eye out for these common air conditioning problems:

  • Your A/C unit is making strange noises
  • The unit isn’t cooling your home as effectively as it used to
  • There are water leaks around your unit
  • There is an ice or frost build-up on your unit
  • You smell something unusual coming from your unit

If you notice any of these signs, it’s best to call Northernair for a prompt service. Trying to fix the problem yourself could make it worse, so it’s always best to leave it to the experts. Our licensed team is backed by 42 years’ experience!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Both split and ducted systems have their pros and cons, but it comes down to what is best for your home and your needs. If you are looking for a system that can provide cooling and heating, then a ducted system is probably the best option. If you are only looking for cooling, a split system may be a better option. Ultimately, it is important to consult with a professional to see what system would be best for your home. 

The cost of air conditioning depends on the unit you choose and how often you run it. 

Ducted air conditioning is an important feature of any home and does increase its overall value.

Commercial fridges are bigger and stronger, and therefore use more electricity than their residential counterparts.